B&D Metal Recycling was opened in 2007.

Originally an auto salvage parts yard, the family decided to expand to include buying scrap metal from all sorts of sources. We buy from the man off the street to the business owner with unwanted material on hand. B&D Metal Recycling currently has several certified scales, including a truck scale with outdoor score boards so you can always see what your vehicle weighs.

Family Owned and Operated

Shaun and Dustin handle the day-to-day yard operations. In 2012, B&D Metal Recycling became the only metal recycling yard to accept E-scrap. For more on E-scrap please click here. For more information on B&D Metal Recycling, read our article in Recycling Today.


We buy scrap metal including alternators, aluminum (heavy iron, mlc, rims, etc.), cans, batteries and more!

”SCRAP IS NOT WASTE and recycling is not disposal

Scrap is manufactured into valuable, specification-grade commodities that are used to make new products. Waste is material that has no further use and is land-filled or incinerated.

Too often laws and regulations lump scrap and waste together, which can have the unintended consequence of making recycling more difficult for individuals and business. Recognizing the difference is critical to promoting sustainability in our communities. Recycling is not disposal."
– Charleston Business Journal